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March 2023: Spring Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

February 2023: What makes dogs so special and successful? Love.

January 2023: A Dog's New Year's Resolutions for 2023

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September 2022: Dogs might have been the technology that allowed early humans to flourish.

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April 2022: Quebec to ban declawing, devocalization, ear cropping and tail docking

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February 2022: 10 Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask a Dog Therapist

January 2022: Can you name the most popular dog names?

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April 2021: Springtime Grooming is a Great Way to Combat Dog Skin Allergies

March 2021: 26 Secrets Pet Groomers Wish They Could Tell You

February 2021: Meet The Dogs Trained to Sniff Out COVID-19

January 2021: Good news: Dogs are skilled at sniffing out COVID-19

December 2020: How to Keep a Dog Safe During the Christmas Holiday

November 2020: Do Dogs Grieve Other Dogs?

October 2020: How to mentally stimulate your dog

September 2020: Pluto Living University to take the stress off
Pluto Living University FAQ
Pluto Living University Crest
Pluto Living University prepping
Pluto Living University first class
Pluto Living University second class
Pluto Living University third class
Pluto Living University fourth class

August 2020: Preventing Separation Anxiety after COVID 19

July 2020: 8 Tips to Cool Your Dog on a Hot Summer Day

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December 2019: 5 Ethical Ways to Have a Dog for Christmas (and any other time of the year )

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May 2019: Adopting a dog? Shelters may be wrong about the breed

April 2019: FLEA AND TICK TREATMENT: How to Get Rid of These Parasites on Your Pets

March 2019: 6 Grooming Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy During The Cold, Wet Months

February 2019: 12 Things You Should Do To Prepare Your Dog For The Cold Winter Months

January 2019: We need a blanket ban on dog tethering across Canada

December 2018: The Habs are becoming a foster family to a Mira puppy,
and they need a name!

November 2018: Because of its enduring message, we repeat our favourite article: A Beloved Dog's Legacy

October 2018: Black Cats and Halloween: The Myths, the Facts, the Dangers

September 2018: Train Your Pet to Love Grooming and Nail Trims

August 2018: Why won't you brush your dog?

July 2018: Keep your pets cool during this heat wave

June 2018: How to Determine Your Mixed-Breed Dog's Ancestry

May 2018: Becoming a Dog: What Happens After the Puppy Mill?

April 2018: Buying Your Child a Rabbit for Easter Is a Bad Idea

March 2018: 5 ways to keep your dog healthy this spring

February 2018: Questions about traveling with a pet?

January 2018: Pets Can Get Frostbite,
Follow Tony Orlando's Advice:
Keeping Pets Safe in the Cold

December 2017: Dangers for your pet at Christmas Time

November 2017: Grief After the Death of a Beloved Pet

October 2017: Top Pet Health Tips for Autumn

September 2017: Separation Anxiety and Your Dog When the Kids Go Back to School

August 2017: Hotspots in Dogs

July 2017: Some Of The Animal Rescuers You Should Know
Filmed at Beaconsfield Pet Fair in 2016:
Rosie, Frontier,
Chatopia, Greyhound Rescue,
Compassionate Animal Adoption, Gerdy's

June 2017: Benefits of Neutering Male Dogs

May 2017: Ticks, Fleas, and Your Pet: Prevention, Treatment, and Consequences

April 2017: What to Do if Your Dog Eats Chocolate

March 2017: 5 tips to walk your dog in the spring mess

February 2017: When will Québec ban declawing?

January 2017: Winter Walking Dangers for Cats and Dogs

December 2016: Getting A Puppy For Christmas

November 2016: "When my dog died,
I didn't understand why it felt like a human had died.
Then I read the research."

October 2016: The issue is so weighty, we have 3 articles this month
Obesity is one of the most common diseases that affects pets
made worse by how easily preventable most of the cases are.

Your pet will not be insulted by being called fat.
She will, however, suffer

if her joints are forced to carry extra pounds for years.

Note that obesity is unnatural and
you will rarely find obese animals in the wild.

September 2016: How Calgary reduced dog attacks without banning pit bulls

August 2016: Prevent Hot Spots !
"Dogs who are not groomed regularly and have matted, dirty coats
can be prone to developing hot spots,
as can dogs who swim or who are exposed to rain.
Thick-coated, longhaired breeds
are most commonly affected. "

July 2016: Nine Ways to Handle Your
Dog's Fear of Thunderstorms

June 2016: Frequently Asked Questions about Your Male Dog's Health

May 2016: Frequently Asked Questions about Spaying your Dog

April 2016: Ten Common Myths about Cats

March 2016: Spring Cleaning Your Dog Can Live With

February 2016: Oral Hygiene and Your Dog's Health

January 2016: Winter proofing your dog's paws

December 2015: Dangerous foods for dogs at Christmas

November 2015: Dogs in mourning: Helping our pets cope with loss

October 2015: Why are we still declawing cats in Canada?

September 2015: Separation Anxiety in your Dog

August 2015: Moist dermatitis in Dogs - Hot Spots

July 2015: Pet abandonment triples during moving season.
Every year, the Montréal SPCA takes action to help stop pet abandonment and
asks the public to support our Keeping Families Together campaign which
includes opposing standard no-pet clauses in residential leases.

June 2015: Are Male Dogs More Aggressive Than Females?

May 2015: Mittens-Montreal SPCA Targeted Permanent Sterilization Clinic
A proactive initiative to tackle Quebec's pet overpopulation problem
by offering sterilization services at reduced rates
for pet guardians with limited financial resources.

April 2015: Why you should never declaw your cats (PETA)

March 2015: Winter Care For Your Dog

February 2015: Yeast Infections in Dogs

January 2015: Salt poisoning in animals

December 2014: Christmas Safety Tips for Dogs

November 2014: By popular request, we repeat our favourite article: A Beloved Dog's Legacy

October 2014: Prevent Dog Bites at Hallowe'en

September 2014: Avoiding Back to School Doggie Blues

August 2014: The Chemistry of Skunk Spray

July 2014: Stop Pet Adandonment
Stoppons les abandons

June 2014: An article to address a male pet behaviour problem.. yes, that one, rhymes with jumping.. yes that one

May 2014: Quebec, Puppy Mill Capital of Canada - Do you know where your puppy was born??

April 2014: Flea-Proof Your Pets

March 2014: The Most Crucial Tip for Shaving Your Cat Yourself: Don't

February 2014: Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs

January 2014: Keeping companion animals safe during cold weather

December 2013: How Long Does It Take For The Quicks Of Dogs' Nails To Recede?

November 2013: A Beloved Dog's Legacy

October 2013: 10 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

September 2013: Dog Walking Etiquette

August 2013: Summer Safety Tips: Pool Safety for Dogs

July 2013: Montreal SPCA wish list 2013

June 2013: Benefits of Neutering and Spaying (by the American SPCA)

May 2013: Five Ways to help get your Puppy ready for Grooming

April 2013: Fur Can Actually Help Pets Cope With the Heat
n.b. This article refers to FUR as in a coat that sheds (e.g. Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds)
coats of HAIR that grow (and can mat) MUST be groomed (e.g. Poodles, Shih Tzus)
Ask us about your dog's coat.

March 2013: Managing your Aging Dog's Quality of Life

February 2013: Declawing domestic cats: see the X-rays